Mr. Declan Waters MSHL

Chairman and PRO, Prolife-Humanlife. Mr. Waters is a Lay Dominican and former president of the Waterford Chapter. He worked for Human Life International and also stood for election to Dail Eireann on two occasions on Pro-Life issues (unsuccessfully). He has for many years been a Pro-Life activist and continues to campaign for the Unborn and against human cloning and other Pro-Life issues.

Mr. Jerry Forest

Secretary and Treasurer for Prolife-Humanlife. Mr. Forest is a Legion of Mary member and a member of St. Joseph's Young Priests Society. He currently serves as secretary of the Waterford Chapter of the Lay Dominicans.
At the recent conference held in the European Parliament Office were: (Left to Right)
Wendy Wright, President of Concerned Women of America; Jacqueline Laing D.Phil., Senior Solicitor Supreme Court of England; Dr. John Fleming, Director of Bioethics, Australia; Cathy Sinnott, MEP, Organiser; Declan Waters, Chairman Prolife-Humanlife; Gregor Pupnick, Lecturer in Human Rights Law, Strsbourg; Pat Buckley, President of European Life Network.
Carmel and Declan Waters pictured with the Prolife-HumanLife trailer that tours throughout Ireland.